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Affordable Zorb Ball Hire for Melbourne and Geelong Events

More and more carnivals, festivals, fetes and assorted gatherings are choosing to use inflatable balls as part of the amusements that they offer. These attractions offer a safe, fun way for guests to walk on water and enjoy high-speed travel on various surfaces.

The ‘traditional’ use of these balls is to roll down hills, steep inclines or ramps. However, these landscape features aren’t available everywhere, so we offer two varieties of zorb ball hire that suit any Melbourne or Geelong location.

For children, we offer the Walk on Water Balls. This attraction allows children to spin, jump, run and roll on water without getting wet. That’s right – your customers won’t have to change their kids into togs and flip-flops to let them have an exciting aquatic experience. With durable plastic between them and the water, young children can have plenty of fun rolling about and exploring a large inflatable pool – without having to towel off afterwards.

The Walk on Water Balls ride includes a 10 metre by 10 metre inflatable pool (measuring 13 metres by 13 metres, including safety fencing). We offer enough balls to allow eight children on the ride at once.

Our other zorb ball hire option for Geelong and Melbourne clients is the Bumper Balls ride. This attraction is installed on solid ground, like the Walk on Water Balls, but does not involve a pool. Rather, it’s an inflatable arena where five people race against each other. Riders can race and bump into each other in these inflatable balls, as they are constructed from tough-wearing material and are cushioned against impacts.

The Bumper Balls attraction measures 15 metres by 20 metres, and is suited more for larger events – but is an excellent option for nearly any kind of gathering.