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Dodgem Cars

Fast and Fun Dodgem Cars in Melbourne and Geelong

When you think of a fun-fair or festival, the first image to come to mind is often a track packed full of Dodgem cars. Few attractions offer as much fun, high-speed action and reliable entertainment as one of these rides: older children, teenagers and adults alike all love to get behind the wheel of a safe, cushioned vehicle and race along!

We make it easy to rent Dodgem cars for your Geelong or Melbourne event. This ride is sure to suit whichever kind of gathering that you’re holding, whether it’s for fundraising, team-building or simply to give your customers some much-needed fun. We define our services by our excellent safety record, and we ensure that we’ll professionally deliver exactly what you need for your gathering – when you need it.

When you’re booking in our bumper cars, it’s a good idea to talk with our team first. We’re happy to discuss the size, scale and dimensions of your chosen event venue, as well as any particular needs or requirements that you may have. As we have a range of Dodgem car attractions for hire throughout Melbourne and Geelong, we can serve you best if we know how much space you have to work with.

Our Dodgems Cars attraction, comes in a 13 metres by 18 metres size, which is sure to draw a crowd – and makes an excellent marketing and selling point.

Call us at 0402 922256 if you’d like to learn more about these particular attractions, or organise rental for your event.

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