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Advanced Amusements have the largest and most comprehensive range of amusement rides, games and attractions in Victoria.

Laughing Clowns


New laughing clowns made in the Philippine’s, shipment about to arrive.

After selling out our last shipment our new one is on the water and on its way.

A couple more improvements have been made. Heavier construction and smoother operation.

We sell them in single units for displays, or in sections of 4, 6 or 10. We sell them with or without the motor and drives. Prices start at $1000 per clown.


Display Carts/Merchandise Carts

These carts have been designed so you can display all of your products the full 360 degrees. They come complete with lockable draws and storage. They are also fully enclosed with perspex, so you can safely display without worrying about theft. They also have a 10 amp power outlet inside so you can plug in a cash register. There is also a cash box well hidden away.

Great for shopping centers, markets and trade shows. These great display carts cost well over $3000 when built. We have 7 available for sale in various conditions ranging from $600 to $1200 each.

Dodgem Cars

These new cars made in China, were designed by us to suit Australian body shapes and conditions. We have trialled these cars and ironed out any bugs that were there. Plenty of leg room and no problems with two people fitting in the car. They have nice high back moulded seats with head rest and double seat belts. They have been fitted with LED lights and the lights flash and change colour. Nicely finished in Metal flake paint with UV added.

$3800 plus GST EX Melbourne Warehouse

Dodgem Car Bumpers

Dodgem Car Bumper and Tubes:

Fits most models

Bumpers - $350.00 each +gst  OR $500.00 a pair

Tubes - $190.00 each +gst              




Water Flume Roller Coater

 Manufactured by Fabbri group

Year of manufacture: 2001

This unique Water Jumping Flume ride is in good condition having recently been recently refurbished. The cars were re-fiberglassed and painted, all steel colums and braces were painted, all the electric motors were replaced or rebuilt and the water pump motor was replaced. The ride has passed all engineering tests.

This ride is the only one of it's kind in the Southern Hemisphere and must be seen to be believed! A fantastic ride for photo opportunities! 



Super Skate Family Ride


Manufacturer: Gossetto Italie

Year of manufacture: 2005

Mobile ride fold up/trailerized

This beautiful Italian made ride stands out in any mid-way. With its large back drop with a lovely lighting system. The carriages will start spinning one way then all of a sudden they will change direction and turn the other direction. The trailer is also galvanised so it will never rust. The ride is fully trailerized and it is the only ride of its type in the southern hemisphere.