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Festivals and Corporate Events Hire in Wider Melbourne and Geelong

Festivals and Corporate Events

Festivals and Corporate Events Hire in Wider Melbourne and Geelong Festivals play a very large part of Advanced Amusements’ yearly calendar. We offer the whole package of components that are needed to run a safe and successful festival.

Our services also include corporate events hire for Melbourne and Geelong events. This is an excellent choice for any business gathering. Whether you’re conducting an on-site training session or carrying out team-building in a venue of your choosing, we can be there with various amusements at the ready.

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Our Services Include

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Amusement Rides and Games


Covid marshalls, and compliance


Festival Management


Staging Hire


Power Components


Entertainment Programming


Online Ticketing Solutions




Show Bags


Toilet Hire

We can provide all of these services, or just supply the rides – the choice is up to you. Whether your festival attracts 500 or 50,000 people, we can deliver an exciting package that will satisfy everyone.

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Advanced Amusements is your one stop shop for amusement rental and corporate eventss hire throughout Melbourne and Geelong. We have provided a huge range of gatherings, festivals and fetes with quality organisational and ride-related services for over 30 years. It would be our pleasure to talk with you and determine exactly what you require for your event: we can easily tailor our rental and event coordination services to fulfil your needs and requirements.

Get in touch with us at 0402 922256 or use our simple online contact form to drop us a line.