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Carnival Games

This all time favourite the Laughing Clowns has been played for generations. Every player wins a prize…

Carnival Games


Laughing Clowns

This all time favourite the Laughing Clowns has been played for generations. Every player wins a prize.


Fishing Game

Catch a fish then place it in the Fisherman’s basket. He will tell you the weight of your fish and the weight will also be displayed on this hat. The weight of your fish determines the prize you win. All players win a prize.


Lucky Numbers

Select a card and open the panels to reveal your numbers. If your numbers match the Lucky Numbers then you win a prize. There are no small prizes on this game, when you win, you win big!


Dragons Treasure

This game of skill takes a steady hand and quick reflexes. Watch the ball as it bounces down the board and then catch it in the cup at the bottom.


High Striker

The old time favourite High Striker tests your skill and your strength. This is the new digital version that tells you your score and also displays it at the top.


The Big Splash

A modern twist on the dunking machine.


Milk Cans

How good is your aim? Toss the ball into the top of the milk can to win.


Mini Golf

9 Hole mini golf set complete with battery operated props and obstacles to make this a good test of your putting skills.

Mini Golf set fits into a 10m x 8m area.


Show Bags

We have a large range of show bags available for your next event

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Dunk Tank

Water Soaking Dunk Tank for Kids

There are so many things that have changed since you and even your parents were kids. Media, technology, engineering… basically everything around us. But one thing hasn’t changed a bit – and that’s the way we enjoy carnival games. Whether we’re talking about Coney Island in the 1940s, or Luna Park in the 2020s, the carnival games we enjoyed back then are still the carnival games we enjoy today. So, given their incredible longevity, it’s a matter of fact that these carnival games are a must-have at your next festival, school fete or any other event.

Advanced Amusements offer all your favourite classic carnival games, guaranteeing that your event goes down as a hit. From placing a ball in the mouth of a laughing clown, to hammering down hard in the game of High Striker, your attendees will enjoy these carnival games on a range of different levels. For the parents in the crowd, these games evoke that feeling of nostalgia, taking them back to a simpler time and place. And for the young ones, well, it’s simply a fun and exhilarating experience!

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Advanced Amusements have one of the largest ranges of carnival games available for hire in Victoria. Choose from a heap of different carnival games, including laughing clowns, the fishing game, lucky numbers, dragon’s treasure, high striker, the big splash, milk cans, mini golf, quality show bags, the dunk tank and more. Regardless of the time of year, Advanced Amusements have a carnival game to suit your event and suit the weather. For the best quality carnival games hire in Victoria, get in touch with the team at Advanced Amusements and let your event reach new levels of success.